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Lucid Dreaming?
So since we all have to waste a third of our day in bed like some horrible cancer patient or paraplegic, why not try to make it more productive? Maybe I could spend that time hunting dinosaurs for sport or discovering the cure to cancer so I become president of the world. That's what lucid dreaming is all about. What is that? It's the ability to control your dreams. And apparently anyone can do it!

According to sites like this(warning: serious hippy bullshit barrage!) you can achieve this awesome superpower through simple training. It's free so let's try it! First, what do I have to do?

Train yourself to remember your dreams

This one's easy, I already have it covered! I remember tons of pointless insane dreams. Next!

Write your dreams down

This involves you waking up, trying to remember as much of you dream as possible and writing down as much of it as you can so you can re-read later on. Sounds tedious. Lucky for you, that means I'll keep a dream journal! That should be entertaining. Who doesn't want to read that shit?


Who thought it would be so demanding? Pfff. So there's various things you can do throughout the day like checking your watch multiple times to see if the text changes, imagining you're dreaming, napping or waking up too early and then going back to sleep.

So after all this, I guess I'm set! I should be able to realize I'm dreaming and then influence the outcome of the dream.

So, how long does it take? Months apparently. But you should be able to see results progressively and have lucid dreams more and more frequently.

Alright, so for this challenge, let's see how long it takes for me to have one lucid dream ( I've had maybe 2 in my entire life ) and then how long it takes to have another one. If you devote enough time to this, apparently you can have lucid dreams every night within a year's time.

Maybe it's faster if I just buy their Novadreamer kit thing....hum

Since I have to keep a dream log, I thought I'd share it. I may have edited some people out of this...It's lenghty and boring but you can read it ... yeah. Most of this is poorly writen and probably full of bad grammar and spelling mistakes...unlike the rest of this site... Anyway I'll update this weekly..hopefully... so...check back?

Mar 30-31 2011


Mar 29 2011

Had a bunch of dreams. At one point I was in a basement helping some hippy guy remove an ants nest from some wooden thing. He flipped the..table I guess... on its side and opened it. There were so many ants in there, like ... POUNDS of ants... just a huge black mass of black crawling ants. I could hear them crunch around. Anyway for some reason he put them in my pants for me to dispose of them. Don't remember much else after that.

Another dream I was on a boat and I think it was the movie Jaws 3 except it had nothing to do with Jaws other than having a giant shark try to bite the boat in half. A couple times I remember its huge head trying to bite me and drag me down... something like that. Maybe a guy got eaten. The rest of the time I was hanging out in the corner of the boat as it was sinking and giant marine animals kept brushing past me and I had to stay on top of them so they didn't drag me away from the boat. Something of the sort. I remember one of the monsters was just a giant black back with bumps on it, kind of like that creature in Empire Strikes Back, the one that eats R2-D2 in the swamp. The other sea creature had a large decorated spine / frill thing going on with hooks and holes, I dunno. It was fancy. Don't remember much else.

Mar 25-28 2011

I don't know, fuck it.

Mar 24 2011

Part of my dream was about a girl I know. She was with her friends and was performing a stunt whereby she rode a horse and jumped off a cliff / tower to land on a matress down below with the horse. I think I told her it was a bad idea. In the dream there were replays of her doing it too and she screamed as she fell down hehe. EEE

Mar 23 2011

The first dream was sort of like a dream I already had before or maybe it's a dream I did twice in the same night... that happens sometimes. You'll dream of something twice in one night and then think that you must have dreamt the same thing before some other day. Anyway this took place on some rocky dirt patch type place. The deal is that a nuke was about to go off so we had to find hiding spots to try and survive it. We ran maybe 100 feet from where the explosion would be set off and hid in cracks and whatnot. I remember hiding little rocks .. or eggs... behind dirst mounds and rocks so they'd be shielded... Yeah. Then I took shelter in my own spot and waited for it. The explosion came and the first blast wave was just a blast of wind but the second was some crazy aftershock that sent me flying upwards hundreds of feets into the air, which was the part I hated about it the last time I had the dream. That meant I was basically in free fall way up in the clouds and just waiting to die. Well I woke up anyway.

Then I went back to sleep and had a dream about showing one of my Flash games to a sponsor. He asked how much he wanted and I wrote down 5000$ and waiting for his reply. Then it came and he wrote that the game was “alright” and he made a list of things that could be improved. He also offered 100 567$ for the game. I had to do a double take and told him “you wrote down over 100k, there's gotta be a mistake” and then he said “nope, no mistake” and he told me that the money would be my salary if I worked for him exclusively to make Flash games. He then proudly showed me around his office space, which was pretty small and basically had 2 treadmills for some reason... Yeah.

Mar 22 2011

I had a motorcycle and was riding around to a mall to buy some stuff. And one of my friends told me to use fake credit cards and checks to try and get stuff for free. So I brought some stuff to the counter and I started getting getting nervous... So the lady took my items and there was a problem with that card and then it worked but it was flagged... Then I started worrying about that and that maybe the cops would show up to my house so I drove to the station myself to check if they had anything on me. I went to the counter and talked to some police people and asked to see my records and actually they did have stuff on me so I started panicking. So I asked them what it was and they told me that they came to my house with a police helicopter... I started laughing at that point because that shit never happened to me so yeah... So they just let me go... that easy.

I was at my grandmother's house with some friends and my uncle and some celebrities. And some celebrity dude thought I was for my friend and he said so to me and I was insulted. So then we took revenge on him and wrote something on the back pocket of his jeans... I wrote “Hands off”.

Next I know I was on a train ride with my friends and we were going around China. We must have been in Hong Kong but it wasn't .. really China.. it was just a huge futuristic Blade Runner type city that was build around a huge river. There were tall buildings everywhere with neon lights and signs and huge plumes of smoke coming from industrial parts of the city, as well as a bunch of flying stuff. The river was crowded with boats of all sizes which polluted the hell out of it. The coolest thing about it though was that it had whales. I liked that. Pretty sweet. As we crossed the bridge I looked out the window to watch the whales and thought that they'd probably die in that sludge down there. Then we reached the other side, some stuff happened that I can't remember, and we crossed back which is what I wanted ( OMG IT'S TOTALLY WORKING, RIGHT? LOLOL ) because I wanted to get a closer look at the whales. WHICH I DID.

Then it cut to my parent's house. I was helping out in the garden I think.. and talking to some weird victorian-era people. The subject of societal progress came up somehow and I said that we've made great strides and we should teach China to be a good superpower like America has become and that China right now is like an evil Imperialistic power that we should turn into a soft freedom-based good nation like the states. Then the victorian guy said something like “yeah and the perception of children has changed over that time period as well” which I inquired about. He said children used to be considered treasures but now they're seen as the future and that was obviously way better. Don't know what that shit's about.

Then I went back in the yard to continue digging my hole and said something about how wasps never change. Right as I said that, I got attacked by one and it flew up into my right nostril and I tried desperately to get it out before it started stinging me but I just couldn't no matter how much I picked my nose or panicked. That woke me up and I felt like I had a huge booger in my nose. YEP.

Mar 21 2011

I was back at home for a visit to my parents. I was afraid my mom would start some kind of shit with me. I went to bed and I did a couple drawings in my bedroom before coming back downstairs to find my angry mom waiting for me. No idea what it was about but she was angry and yelling. I think it was something about how I didn't spend any time witrh her even though Iwas there to visit. Then she accused me of cheating in some exam or whatever and I grabbed ger real hard by her shoulders, looked into her eyes and told her that was bullshit. She refused to hear it so I started packing my stuff to leave. She just sat there in silence, watching me pack stuff in my bag. Then she went for one last argument as she accused me of cheating at Mario Golf during a newgrounds meetup.I was so angry I grabbed her by the throat so she couldn't talk back to me and told her I never did that and I was leaving forever and she just lost any chances of seeing me ever again for something extremely stupid I didn't even do. So I turned away to continue packing my stuff. She was crying and speechless at that point. She tried to hug me but I just pushed her off. Then she said she'd have bruises from my grabbing her. I looked at her arms and neck and didn't see anything so I said she'd be fine. I was almost done packing my stuff. My bag was getting heavy so I also took a bunch of crap out like empty CD cases and a box with a little Domo-Kun plushy inside. My sister was there at that point so I gave her the plush Domo. I went upstairs to my room to grab a book with a bunch of my drawings in it. I rolled it up and put it in my bag as the last item. At that point my dad was also there and waiting for me with the car. I went outside, put my bag in it and looked for keys. My mom and sister were also outside. My dad said I should tell my mom goodbye. So I did, angrily, without looking at her, then got into the car and prepared to leave.

I couldn't find the keys or start it though, so I had to wait for my dad to get in. It was a weird car with two steering wheels and 2 dashboards. Whatever. My dad said it was from his work and that he got to borrow it from the Japanese. Well anyway we started driving and he asked me if I wanted to stop anywhere. I said I just wanted to go straight to my place. Then he asked if I had studied up for my exam, as it was 12:30pm and I had an important law exam that day... whut... I said I didn't need to study and that I had plenty of time left anyway but then I started thinking about it and realized that I was going straight to class, not my apartment.

So I reached for my notes / class manual in the back of the car and started reading up. I flipped through the pages to find the parts relevant to law but all I could see where things about STDs. On one page there even was something about one doctor saying there's 13 kinds of nipples viruses while some others believed there might be more. So anyway I couldn't get anything done with that so I started thinking about excuses I could use to get out of doing the exam, like I just left my family plus arrived late, so I should be able to take it tomorrow. Anyway we stopped before reaching school, at some mall, and got out of the car. Don't remember what for.

Then I woke up from the dream and I was in my bed and was thinking about how I basically assaulted my mom and choked her. Suddenly that felt like I had really done it and I was so remorseful and couldn't believe I had done that. I felt terrible and then I woke up again, for real, at 7:30am to realize I didn't physically threaten my mom and also I don't have any exams to take..ever ... yeah. Disturbing.

Mar 20 2011

One of my friends recently changed his doctorate from math to computing. Anyway he works out a bunch too so that must be why I dreamed about him entering meal plans in Flash. He doesn't have a meal plan or know anything about Flash though. Yep makes no sense.

Then I was at some rich guy's place.. I don't remember who I went with but it was in a car and he was really impressed when I told him my friend used to live there. It was sort of like his old parent's house but it had a way bigger backyard with tons of awesome stuff like a trampoline and a pool. Don't remember much else. Then I was in a school bus as we were heading for some place in the woods. It was packed with art students. I only knew one of them from College, the others were just random dream people. The one guy I knew started talking to me and I asked him what he was us to these days. Turns out he was working for the French version of and getting paid to make Flash games. I found that weird because I never thought he gave a fuck about that. I went to check his portfolio and was amazed at how much better he had gotten. Anyway that happened after all the bus stuff. Back to that... I was in the back with him and then he suddenly left to go talk to people near the front, leaving me alone with these two girls and a gap between us which used to be occupied by him. So one of them signaled for me to move closer, so I did and then we started talking. Don't know about what exactly. It lasted like 5 seconds and I remember being really nervous and her being really pretty. Oh well. Then I was at the front of the bus and another person I knew was standing in the front. He was one of my old friends from elementary and high school. He was always a really really thin scrawny guy but I noticed he wasn't wearing a shit and was sort of more muscular, but not really. Like under certain angles you could tell he had been working out to stop being so skinny but then he'd move and he looked skinny again. After that I was off the bus and alone on a mountain trail. It felt like spring because it was warm and wet but there were tons of dead leaves on the ground. I kept walking down the trail, stepping into puddles and all that. Turns out the trail lead back to my parent's house and there was a tree on the way that sort of looked like it had a face. So I tried to concentrate to make the tree's face appear and it sort of did. Eyes appeared in two knots and it sort of had a mouth. It didn't move or do anything and when I stopped concentrating, the face went away. It's just one of those moments where I think I've finally proven magic or whatever shit in a dream and then I wake up. Like sometimes you'll discover something amazing in a dream and just wake up and realize it made no sense.

Mar 19 2011

Had a first really kickass long dream that I can't remember now. I thought I wrote a summary of it down to before going back to sleep. Maybe I dreamed I did that.

Afterwards there was something about an awards ceremony for the people from my high school. I don't remember much about that, only one girl getting an award. For some reason she's the only thing I can remember about this dream. It's weird, I haven't thought about her in years and I was never her friend or fancied her or whatever. Funny how dreams pick things for you to care about sometimes.

Mar 18 2011

In one dream I was at the mall looking for something to educate kids with that was shaped like a playstation controller. I don't remember what it was about but there were dozens of different cheapo knockoffs of playstation controllers at that store. Also a girl I knew from high school was there for no apparent reason. Then I wrote a note that says “finding a date with art” so I don't know what that's about. I should have been more specific when writing that. OH WELL.

The last thing I remember was a dream where I was sitting at my desk working at the computer when my roomate came in for a chat. He said my behavior wasn't sociable enough. It's annoying because it's one of those dreams that you think is reality because it's something that seemingly could happen. Anyway he was lamenting how I never said anything and never went out and that we never did anything anymore. I kind of feel that way for real since I work so much and I'm basically secluded in my room all day, but we all are in this apartment... Anyway I did tell him I realized we stopped watching tv shows together and drinking beers and all that but that I'd make a change because I was planning to go out at least once a week anyway ( which I actually am ). Then I woke up...

Mar 17 2011

I went to a store to play Magic: The Gathering with some old friends in some weekly tournament thing. We were discussing decks to build and what cards we had to play in our decks or could win for that day. I considered just making up a deck on the spot with crap cards and beating everyone. Then we just played a game for fun with decks I had brought. Afterwards we were invited to a party held at the convenience store which is in front of my parent's house. Except suddenly it had a huge yard, two storeys and was full of rednecks and clutter on the ground. Anyway, we went in there and chatted a litte, not sure about what. Then suddenly I was outside with no shoes and I was trying to get away from that place but there was tons of broken beer bottles on the ground. The people at the party would just leave bottles on the ground after they were done and / or smashed them. So I waded through a ton of broken glass with no foot coverings and amazingly didn't get cut. But it was pretty terrible. Then at some point I had to jump into the flooded front yard, which had probably 6 feet of water at its deepest. And it was filthy piss and shit water that the party goers had been messing in all night long and making worse. So I waded out of there and finally made it to the road to go back to my parent's house. On the way there I crossed Stan Less ( guy who invented Spider-Man ) going in the opposite direction and I struck up a conversation with him. I acted real cool and made sure not to bring up anything related to his work so as to not appear like a fan. I told him about the party so we went back there together for some reason. The water was gone but there were still tons of bottles everywhere. We went inside and I think I called some kind of social worker because all of a sudden there were kids and kids toys there along with a floor littered with broken glass and a bunch of drunk bikers pissing and throwing empty bottles everywhere. I talked to the child protection / sanitation / whatever lady about shutting down the place to protect the kids but then it got into this pros and cons thing about how it would be better for their health but it would destroy them emotinally along with their dad, who was drunkenly standing outside the window. Also the dad was the guy who cuts my hair. That's funny. I don't think he likes me.

I woke up and went back to sleep for a little while. I had a short dream about survivorman I think. We were just carrying a bunch of crap down to my parent's basement. I went down first to get “shelter” in the basement but then came back up when I noticed no one followed me. So I went back outside to find them in a circle around a hole with water in it. His trick to get clean water was to dig a hole and fill it with water from the garden hose so it would get “filtered”. Of course it just made it muddy. Also it was the dead of winter and it was cold as fuck. Anyway that's it for that....

Mar 16 2011

Ok I wrote down these notes when I woke up thinking it would help me remember my dream but then I waited too long and kind of forgot. Turns out keeping a dream log is harder than you'd think. I always wake up in the middle of the night and I'm dead tired but I have to write things down anyway or else I'd forget. I can barely keep my eyes open when writing this crap and then I usually go back to sleep for a couple hours and have more stupid dreams to write down... anyway here's what I wrote down:

Moose game, office paper plane throw, end of the world party

Not sure what the hell this is. The moose game was about a cartoon moose of some sort.... I think the office paper plane throw was about the show The Office and testing different paper plane designs... no idea what the last one was. Damn it.

Mar 15 2011

Dreamt about the characters in bleach doing some kind of bullshit. No idea what the rest was, I just black out and remembered only a little bit from when I was about to wake up.

Stayed up for maybe an hour then went back to sleep for 4.

I was at a grocery store with my dad and sister. I was just putting things in the cart, shopping around. Don't remember much about that until I got to the last section which was seafood. By that point I had bought everything I wanted except chicken breast so I went back to find some but they were all sold out. I had to find a replacement with high protein and low calories so I went back to the sea food area where my dad was waiting with the cart. There were so many kinds of shrimp, lobsters and crayfish... all full bodies and cooked like this. So I started browsing. I saw the lobster, they were very warm and I wanted one but then price was 26.95 for one lobster. There were 4-5 price tags for lobsters too and one was 65$. My dad remarked this as he would be the one paying. I immeditely said “fuck this” and went about my way looking at shrimp and crayfish and whatnot.

I was in my bed or on Newgrounds forums and Tom made a post or remark about North Korea or Japan sending nukes to Canada. He asked what would their targets be and so I replied with Montreal and Ottawa and said it would cause a million casualities in each case as that was about the population of the areas. And Ottawa is the capital of Canada and Montreal its biggest city ( I said that in the dream ). Then I woke up.

Mar 14 2011

I was in some kind of old timey era and I think Julius Caesar was involved. Anyway there was something about how he conquered the local tribes and that made them all divide and fight each other. They'd kidnap members of opposite tribes and then train them to turn them into animals.. sorta. It was fucked up, they'd attach dudes to plows and then those guys had weird faces and horns and lots of body hair. Creepy. Then it switched to fossils of them in archeological digs. I dunno.

Mar 13 2011

Had a first dream, don't remember. Woke up and then back to sleep.

I was back at my parent's place ( again? Man I'm always there ) and it was the spring. Everything was wet and half dark. A car crashed into our backyard and broke the big pine tree that is there. This thing is massive, probably has a 5 feet wide trunk. Anyway it half fell down and I was really sad about it but decided I'd suck it up and start chopping the branches and trunk into logs with my chainsaw, which I do every year with trees that fall in our yard. There was some blabber I can't remember between me and my mom or dad or .someone who was there... Then I just went strolling about the yard, forgetting about cutting up the tree. For some reason not wanting to cut the tree made the other trees grow and made the vegetation more lush and it made me really happy because it reminded me of when I was a kid and our yard had so many more tree on it and behind it. Now there's a park behind out yard and a bunch of houses being built nearby whereas before it was all woodland. After that there was something about frogs in the yard. I don't know what the hell that was. There were a bunch of crazy colored frogs in the yard and then suddenly a ton of eggs of different shapes and sizes and most importantly, colors. They were like those polished rocks you can get a museum gift stores except when you picked them up they had the texture of those bath bubbles you drop into your bath to make it foam and they also had little embryos inside.

I think I woke up again after that and went back to sleep.

I was at a pub or bar with people from Newgrounds and some locals. Remember almost nothing about it except everyone leaving at once to catch the last blue line metro. Then it switched to that scene in the first X-men movie where they watch the Senator transform into a mutant. It was sort of like that but being observed by Liam Neeson … weird. Also the guy was on the floor in an isolated dark room and he wasn't tied or anything, just screaming in pain. Then he started transforming into a giant human bat of some kind. Anyway that's when I woke up for maybe 2 hours and went back to sleep.

I was at home and my dad had to leave for Montreal because my sister got into a car crash and he had to go pick her up because she totalled her newly bought vehicle. Bwa bwa. Then I dreamed I was in a train station or something and we were fighting against Graboids from the movie Tremors. Then the creatures started talking to us via intercom by connecting to the computers, saying humans were terrible and talking about oil and something about 1982. I dunno.

Mar 12 2011

I was in an underwater cave I think and I was a Zora from Zelda or maybe controlling one in a video game. It was video game looking. There were a bunch of other things like big sharks and enemies and basically I used my “speed boost” to zoom past sharks to get treasures. Though sometimes I think I turned into a shark... Don't remember much else.

Then I had another dream where I was walking back home and there was lots of snow. I walked really fast and I had to dodge a bunch of snow plows. Then some dudes who were in charge of removing the snow ( 3 of them ) cornered me and started making jokes about how I am my own snow shovel. Whatever. Then some other guy came up and started defending me and telling them not to make jokes at my expense. This just made them angrier. They got taller too. They got so angry that they just jumped me and I was punching/ kicking the one on top of me then I woke up.

I went back to sleep and had a dream where I was at my parent's house. I was drinking some kind of thing when two people arrived. It transferred to bed immediately somehow. It was my dad's king sized bed and it was me and the two other people. Basically a female friend of mine and her boyfriend in the same bed as me. The boyfriend was sandwiched between us. Anyway I was trying to read something or write a letter, ignoring them cuddling. Then I just went to sleep when I started to hear them have sex right next to me and I was thinking “really? You're doing this to me?”. When I woke up from sleeping in that dream they were on the floor spooning. I just jumped over them to not wake them up and then jumped down the stairs to the first floor of my parent's house. I remember making no sound at all when I landed even though each jump was like 5-6 feet high. I just wanted to get away from them and leave them be. Then I woke up feeling like shit. Hurray.

Mar 09-11 – 2011

Not been sleeping enough and been awake too long I just black out now.. this is not going well...

Mar 08 – 2011

– I made the mistake of not sleeping with my keyboard near me so when I woke up from my first dream I was too tired to record it and then I went back to sleep and forgot about it. Damn it...

I forgot most of this other one too but here's what I have... I was back home and with my dad in our front yard. There was a diner party of some sort where we said we'd later go walking / hiking. I remember thinking this would be good for my dad, with his heart condition and all. He has to exercise. Anyway we were sitting and then a waiter came by with a Rolex watch in his hands and was asking for a “Vincent” or “Vincezo” or something like that. No one was replying and I remember thinking the watch looked like the watch my dad usually wears so I put my hand up to signal it was us because the waiter must have made a mistake. But at the same time some black haired Spanish dude with a porn stache sitting at another table also signaled for the watch because he was the right person... so I was embarrassed. Then I woke up because the phone was ringing...

Mar 07 – 2011

I was at the mall at some point... hmm Then I received or bought the game Settlers of Catan. Don't know why. Then there was my dad and he put a butterfly on my face and it tickled. I thought that meant it was doing something weird so I swatted it away. Then went back inside and put the Settlers game on the floor in the entrance or my parent's house. I think my mom was there, or maybe outside. At some point I went to check and she was tending to her garden while on a ladder and a huge gust of wind knocked her down. I was on the other side of some glass so I coulnd't jump to save her in time. I still went through the glass and around some garden stuff to her to see if she was alright. I was very concerned about her. She seemed fine....

Then I was at a manor of some kind... I think there was Jim and Dwight from the Office, maybe also Kevin. I think we were all sitting at a table eating maybe? Then there was a cleaning lady, I think she was related to SNL somehow. Anyway she fel asleep on the couch. There were also bats flying around the living room. At some point I had balloons in my hands. I had to run downstairs in the mansion to find something.. I was running really fast with Kevin from the Office. Then I remember seeing a lot of chanderliers and said we should count them. The Jim from the Office mentionned we shouldn't get into an argument about what constitutes a chandeliers, thinking that Dwight would argue about it if he ever found out. Anyway I ran down the stars with the balloons and when I ran through the living room, the bats flying around popped them and I found that funny but Kevin found it scary.

Then I was in the bathroom with [SOME GIRL]. I wanted to take a piss so I went into my own stall and she went into hers for whatever. There was a hole big enough to put your face through in the stall wall so she and I just stared at each other and I stopped peeing. We started talking about something sexual or lovey when all of a sudden some dude went into her stall to take a dump. Then I looked behind me and there was an asian guy with a huge dick already sitting down taking a crap in my stall. Then me and [SOME GIRL] quickly came out of the stall only to find Stanley, from The Office, emerging from his own stall. I yelled at him because he shouldn't have let anyone in our stalls since he knew we were in there ( don't know why ). He then replied with some sass epxlaining why he did this and then I said something like “you didn't stop them because you were afraid, not because you were concerned” because he had just explained how he wouldn't stop strange people from entering our stall since they were obviously crazy.

Mar 06 – 2011

No dream... can't recall...

Mar 05 – 2011

I only remember bits and pieces of this...I know it involved someone from Newgrounds doing something.. can't remember what...Also remember attending a private Dane Cook party in some kind of chalet haha. We were maybe 15 people waiting for him there and he arrived late and before he started his show ( which he never got to ) he wanted to take a moment to thank his fans ( us ). He started sobbing and blubbering saying how grateful he was. Then he asked people how many times they had been to his show and some girl replied 6 times. I thought about it and could only remember seeing him once before, at a baseball game, where he was one of the players. Also at the time I seem to remember thinking that was in the same dream, but probably wasn't. Anyway I woke up about there I think. There was an earlier dream but I don't remember it....

Mar 04 – 2011

No idea what I dreamed about, I worked too much today slept only 5 hours tonight. I basically blacked out and remember nothing.

Mar 03 – 2011

Dreamed I was on a trip. For some reason I feel like it was Seattle or Toronto but it doesn't matter. It was for a meetup of some kind but there was no one I knew there if I recall. I alternated from being alone to being with the group, which varied from 5-6 people to 20+ at random times. I walked around the city but stayed in the vicinity of the same central building, I think it was my hotel or something. At some point me and some girl both decided to go out of that building to explore the city and I went the opposite way that she did and I remember feeling bad about it, like I was abandoning someone who I promised to stay with. Then at another point during the dream I went by the hotel and there were these 2 women performing some kind of circus act for money in front of the door. The group had gathered there and was watching for a while. Whatever. Another part of the dream was me walking around the city with the group of people who turned out to be vampires. One of the guys was the vampire from the show Being Human and another was a dude I didn't know who seemed to be a really big fan of mine who wanted to turn me into a vampire so I could stay young forever and he could gain my respect. At various times he tried to bite me as we were walking along but the vampire guy from Being Human never let him do it. I remember feeling somewhat frustrated because being a vampire would be cool but then I felt glad because being bitten in the neck would have hurt a lot. As I was waking up from that I also thought about how it would suck to have to feed on other people and I didn't want to kill anyone.

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30 mini games to crush you!

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There are too many jokes about marriage. Stop it.

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I have lured pairs of boobs to my page.
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