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The Big Movie Rating Page
* Last updated: 2010-04-19
Warning: none of these are opinions. These are simply facts.

The RatingsWhat it Means
Completely impossible to watch.
Utter piece of shit.
No redeeming qualities. Barely finishable.
Horrible movie, would never watch again.
Boring.Nothing good about this, don't watch.
Average movie, i.e. bad but watchable.
Decent movie. Watch if you're bored.
Good movie. Watch this.
Awesome movie. Would watch it twice.
Amazing movie that I'd watch multiple times.
Incredible movie that kicks everyone's ass. Must watch.

In short: you should watch anything that has 7 or more.


6th sense ( the ) Everyone knows the ending now
8 Crazy Nights Actually pretty alright
12 Monkeys Boring, confusing, no payoff
30 Days of Night Endless and depressing. BOO!!!
40 Year-Old Virgin ( The ) Incredible movie on all fronts
50 First dates Standard Romantic Comedy
300 Well made + violent + wtf
A Beautiful Mind Great, but total bullshit
A Christmas Story Nothing happens. BORING BORING
A Knight's Tale Better than I thought
A Few Good Men Demi Moore was hot...
A Night at the Roxbury The movie with one joke
A.I. Weird and kinda boring
Accidental Husband ( The ) That guy's kind of insane
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Retarded but entertaining.
Ace Ventura 2 Still retarded, less entertaining
Adventureland Mmmmblaaaah
Aeon Flux Has cool moments.
Air Force One Just some action movie
Airheads Young Brendan Frazer Alert
Airplane It's not that funny
Alien Classic
Aliens Still classic.
Alien 3 Pretty hardcore
Aliens : Resurrection Grooooss
Alladin The Best Disney movie EVER
Alladin2 : The Return of Jafar Snnnnooooore
Alladin3 : The King of Thieves No one cared anymore
American Beauty overrated
American History X Makes you think. About curbing.
American Pie 1 Classic teen movie
American Pie 2 Good follow-up
American Pie 3 Still decent
American Movie Low Budget = Low enjoyment
Anaconda Stupid but hilarious
Annie Hall God, SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Anchorman Slow start, awesome finish.
Animal House Classic, but not that great
Apocalypse Now No idea what's going on
Around the world in 80 days ( Jackie Chan) Last movie with Arnold!
Asterix Contre Cesar Good for a French movie
Asterix : Mission Cleopatre Must-see if you're French
Asterix aux Jeux Olympiques Piece of shit
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Hell yeah.
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Still good
Austin Powers in Goldmember Got stupid
Avatar Dances with Wolves in space
Back to the Future 1 Classic but...bleh
Back to the Future 2 Same deal
Back to the Future 3 When will this end?
Barb Wire Quite terrible
Batman Not that great
Batman and Robin Run away from this
Batman Begins Where's my cool vilain? >:(
Batman Forever It burns my eyes
Batman Returns Best old Batman movie
Battle Royale Weird but cool
BattleField Earth Sad and stupid. Rifftrax it!
Beavis and Butthead do America Brilliantly moronic!
Bedazzled I say it's worth watching
Bee Movie Yawn. Even if it's Seinfeld
BeetleJuice Fucked up but pointless
BeerFest Not really that funny
Beethoven Well it's a kid's movie
Beethoven 2 Somehow it's better
Being John Malkovitch Trippy
Beowulf Booooooring
Beowulf and Grendel Horrible and extremely depressing
Ben Hur Epic, but Dated
Beverly Hills Ninja Retarded
Bicentennial Man Sorta uneventful, but very cool
Big Classic
Big Daddy Lol John Stewart
Big Lebowski ( The ) A lot of funny moments
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Mind dump
Billy Madisson That chick is HAWT
Blade As good as you'd expect
Blade Runner More boring than you think
Bloodsport What a terrible movie
Bon Cop, Bad Cop Pretty good for something canadian
Boondock Saints Bang Bang ka-pow. Yawn
Borat A lot of hair
Born To Be Wild Yawn, stupid gorilla
Bowling For Columbine Watch if you hate guns
Braindead ( Dead Alive ) Endless and boring
Bruce Almighty Surprisingly good
Bruno The Joke's still not old
Buba Ho-Tep Terrible
Bully ( The ) Best Rick Moranis role?
Canonball run Would make a cool remake
Casper Kid movie
Cast Away So eerie..and unique
Catch Me if You Can Awesome intrique
Changeling Fight the POWAH BABE!
Chinese Connexion ( The ) Boooring
Christmas Vacation Fuck yeah
Chronicles of Narnia Blah
Chronicles of Riddick ( The ) Lot better than it looks
Citizen Kane Best movie ever? haha NO
City of God Pretty cool. Brazil sucks ass
Clerks Some losers do nothing
Clerks 2 Some old losers do something
Click Magic remote, come on!
ClockWork Orange Way too long.
CloverField Ok we got the gimmick
Cobra Quite horrible
Cocktail A movie about bars!! Yaaaayy..?
Con Air Hardcore-stupid ending
Congo Dumb monkeys.
Constantine Good ending, even if stupid
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon weeee I can flyyyyy
Curious Case of Benjamin Button ( the ) As overrated as nonsensical
4-War Dragon Wars Tard Sandwich
Da Vinci Code Horrible. Boring. No one cares.
Dan in Real Life Yawn. Waste of Steve Carell
Daredevil Makes no sense
Dark Knight ( The ) Awesome. For a batman movie.
Darwin Awards Just stick to the books
Das Boot Well I liked it...
Demolition Man Classic ass-kicking
Departed ( The ) Bang I WAS A TRAITOR!
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo Sorta funny
Die Hard Classic
Die Hard 2 : Die Harder Still Bruce Willis
Die Hard 3 : With a Vengeance Effin'g masterpiece
Die Hard ( Live Free or ) Ok movie
Dirty Harry So old and boring
District 9 Prequel/ Sequel would be better
Dodgeball Norris, Shatner, Hasselhoff... totally rad
Dogma Pointless
Donnie Darko Confusing and pointless. Nice mask.
Downfall Snoooooore
Dr. StrangeLove Don't watch this overacted shit
DragonHeart Corny but.. nice I guess
Dude, Where's my Car? As retarded as you've heard
Dumb and Dumber Epicly stupid.
E.T. CLassic, of course
Edward ScissorHands Beautiful, sad movie
Elephant Man ( The ) Felt like killing myself
Elf Potent retardation
Emperor's New Groove ( The ) Decent, I guess
Employee of the Month Corny is not for Dane
Epic Movie What a failure
Eragon Not that horrible
Eraser Arnold kicking asses
Escape From New York Pretty stupid
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Masterpiece
European Vacation This is getting dated...
Eurotrip Boring as fuck. Lucy Lawless!
Evan Almighty That was unnecessary...
Evil Dead 2 Pretty cool I guess
Evil Dead3: The Army of Darkness Master of catch phrases
Evolution Gets really creepy and weird
Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain ( Le ) Well isn't this cute?
Face / Off Pretty good
Fahrenheit 911 Watch it if it's 2002
Falling Down That man is FUCKING CRAZY
Fantastic Four average
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer crap
Fargo yawn
Fast Times at Ridgemont High No story, but good times
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Crazy
Fernguly Some kid's movie, whatever
FF7: Advent Children Fight scenes, and only that
Fifth Element ( The ) Everyone needs to love this
Fight Club It's not that great
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Franchise waste
Finding Nemo Decent kid movie
FlashDance Why did I watch this?
Flight of Dragons Makes no sense
Flintstones ( The ) Million times better than cartoon
Footloose As gay as Flashdance
Forest Gump Aw, so uplifting
Freddie vs Jason What a shitburger
Free Willy zzzzzzzzzz
FullMetal Jacket Half a good movie
Funny People Worse than I thought...
Futurama - Beast with a billion backs Hey, it's Futurama!
Futurama - Bender's Big Score Quite great
G.I. JOEs : The Movie piece of shit
Gangs of New York Whatever
George of the Jungle Blah
Get Smart Pretty awesome. Demand sequel!
Ghost in the Shell nonsense
Ghost Rider Shit vilains
Ghostbusters Watch it for the song
Ghostbusters2 Stupid
Gladiator Pretty badass
Godfather (The) Why do people like this?
GodFather 2 (the) Burp
Godzilla ( 1998) Bad, but better than classic
Golden Compass ( The ) Wtf is going on?
Good Burger Vomit! Watch it.
Good Luck Chuck Yeah, decent
Good Will Hunting Maaatt Daaaaaaamon
GoodFellas Here's a nickel: kill Peschi!
Green Mile ( The ) :,(
Grandma's Boy Mel Gibson doppleganger
Greenberg What a fucking douche
GrindHouse Ok movies, awesome trailers
Groundhog Day Love this for some reason
Hancock Could have been better
Hangover ( The ) Instnat Classic for the kids!
Hannibal Yawn
Happy Gilmore Bob Barker? Yes
Hard Target Shitty
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle Makes you burg
Harold and Kumar Go to Guantanamo Bay Same as the first one
Harold and Maude Aaaaah THIS FUCKING SUCKS
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Yawn, I hate kids
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Return of the stupid
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Harry Potter is retarded. There.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Something sort of happens
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Yeah that's pretty decent
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Bwa bwa bwaaaa
Heavy Metal (1981) Decadent. Warning: bad
Heavy Metal 2000: Fakk2 Too much story
Hellboy Cool moments
Hellboy2 Whaaatever
Hercules ( Disney ) Too many songs
Hercules in New York Beyond terrible
Highlander There should only be one
Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (The) Unfunny to the extreme
Hobbit ( The Yeah
Home Alone The poster doesn't make sense
Hook Come on, it's classic
Hot Fuzz Not as good as Shaun
Hot Rod Best soundtrack of 2007
Hot Shots Funny sometimes
Hot Shots: Part Deux Comedic Gold
Hot Tub Time Machine Darrel, you're getting fat!
House of Flying Daggers Beautiful, but boring
How to Tame Your Dragon Great kid movie
Hulk Waste of CGI
Hulk ( 2008 ) Thanks for skipping the origin!
HunchBack of Notre-Dame ( The ) Pretty amazing animation,as excpected
I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell Better than expected
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry Yyyyeeeaaaaah
Ice Age Pass the CHEESE
Incredibles ( The ) Quite nice, but screw kids
Independence Day Beyond ridiculous
Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark Amazing classic
Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom Good because of classicness
Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade Best of the series
Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Argh I hate you, Shia
Demolition Man Extremely Overrated
Inglorious Basterds Chick flick with pussy vampires
Demolition Man Darwin wins. Yay
Inherit The Wind Hardcore movie, but lame vilain
Invention of Lying ( The) Those people are too stupid
Invictus Boring Oscar Bait
Island of Dr. Moreau Stinking shitburger
Jackass: The Movie Hahaha yaaaay
Jackass 2 hahaha weeeeee
Jackie Brown Boring
James and The Giant Peach Someonw please kill me
James Bond: Casino Royale Daniel Craig = Good James Bond
James Bond: Die Another Day Blah
James Bond: Dr. No Kooky classic. Still boring
James Bond: GoldenEye +1 for the N64 game
James Bond: Goldfinger Best old Bond
James Bond: Moonraker Retarded but funny
James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun Still kinda good
James Bond: The World is Not Enough Yeah, whatever
James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies Pretty good
Jaws classic, but come on
Jerry Maguire Quite uplifting.
Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter unwatchable
Jetsons ( The Movie ) boring. Fuck the Jetsons
Jingle All The Way haha yaaay Arnold
Joe Dirt What did you expect?
Judge Dredd Kinda badass. Kinda
Judgment at Nuremberg How old movies should be
Jumanji Classic case of 90's CGI
Jungle Book ( The ) I say it be good
Juno Someone shut her up!
Jurassic Park 1 Super-great
Jurassic Park 2 Super-stupid!
Jurassic Park 3 Whatever
Just One of the Guys Some 80's High School movie
Karate Kid Yeah right, he'd lose
Karate Kid 2 Better than the first
Kick Ass More like KICKED ass!!!LOLOLOL
Kill Bill 1 Awesome movie, awesome soundtrack
Kill Bill 2 too long
King Kong (2005) Decent Job
King Kong ( 1933 ) Hehehehe stop-motion
Knocked Up Love this or perish
Kung-Fu Panda You'll like it. OR ELSE
Kung Pow Beyond terrible
Last Action Hero Cool Arnold flick
Last Samurai ( The ) nonsense
Last Seduction (The) Ends badly for the guy
Last Unicorn (The) Loved this as a kid
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ( The ) Very weird, congrats. Rolleyes
Liar Liar Yeah
Life Aquatic ( The ) So boring
Lion King ( The ) Culturally relevant!
Little Mermaid ( The ) I love Disney
Little Miss Sunshine Yaaaaaaaawn
Little Shop of Horrors NO! >:(
Lone Wolf McQuade Zzzzzz Chuck Norris??? Zzzzz
Longest Yard ( The ) Has its moments
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the rings Endless
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Still cool
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Best one
Lost in Space What the fuck
Love Guru ( The ) Who threa a stink bomb?
Mad Max This is not Mad Max
Mad Max - Road Warrior Yes, kickass
Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome Why is it so cool?
Madagascar Run-of-the-mill kid movie
Major Payne Hardcore
Mallrats Boring, but ending redeems it
Maltese Falcon ( the ) 85% smartass 40's gangster speak
Man on the Moon Aaaaw :,(
Man with the Iron Mask ( The ) Cool action movie
March of the Penguins Depressing. As. Fuck.
Mars Attacks Stupid
Mask (The) Classic Jim
Mask of Zorro ( The ) I liked Zorro
Matrix yes, yes, classic
Matrix: Reloaded Sorta cool
Matrix: Revolutions Completely retarded
Meet the Fockers Lot better than I thought
Memento I forgot about this movie
Men In Black Space aliens from space!
Men In Black 2 Still got it
Metropolis ( Anime ) zzzzzzzzzzz
Million Dollar Baby So sad ;,(
Minority Report What's going on?
Mission Impossible Mega-classic
Mission Impossible 2 Baaaaad
Monsters Inc. annoying
Monsters vs Aliens Almost good enough
Monty Python : The Meaning of life God, shut them up
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Not that great you nerds
Mortal Kombat Had to be there
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation Terrible haha
Motorcycle Diaries Boring + who cares?
Mr. Deeds Cool, cool
Mr. Holland's Opus Sorta stupid
Mrs DoubtFire Hehe yay
Mulan Not Disney's best
Mummy ( The ) High concentration of tard
My Big Fat Greek Wedding Yeah alright it's decent
My Neighbor Totoro Boring
Mystery Men Decently funny
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Movie Funny but BORING
Mystic River Blah
Nacho Libre Terrible
Naked Gun 1 Classic O.J.! UH OHHHH!
Naked Gun 2.5 Still got it
Naked Gun 33.3 Gettting stale
Napoleon Dynamite You just don't get it
Neverending Story ( The ) Yawn
Neverending Story 2 ( The ) Awesome kid movie! Yay!
Nexxt Fuuuuuuck yoooooou
Nightmare Before Christmas I guess it's pretty
Ninja Scroll Weeee violence!
Nutty Professor (The) FART FART FART FART LOL!
Ocean's Eleven Heistastic
Ocean's Thirteen I really don't care
Octagon ( The ) Retarded. Contains Ninjas
Office Space Stapler. Mmmmmmmkay? Thanks
Once Upon a Time in the West Quite boring
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest My brain hurts
Onion Movie (The) What's not to love?
Orgazmo Terrible
Other Guys (The) Nonsensical fun times
Over the Top Arm wrestling? Stupid
Passion of the Christ (the) Whine whine whine
Patriot (the) Exact same movie as Braveheart
Pearl Harbor +1 for attack scene
Pee Wee's Big Adventure Plunge into insanity
Peter Pan ( Disney) Some old kid movie
Pianist ( The ) Toooo long
Pinneapple Express Hell Yeah, this is awesome
Pirates of the Carbbean: Curse of the Black Pearl Good
Pirates of the Carbbean: Dead Man's Chest Good
Pirates of the Carbbean: At World's End Good
Pitch Black Sorta cool, like Aliens
Plan 9 From Outer Space vomit
Planet of the Apes ( New One ) WTF Ending
Police Academy 1 Ok, pretty cool
Police Academy 2 Erg
Police Academy 3 Barf
Precious You win the depression award
Prestige ( The ) It was ok
Princess and the Frog ( The ) Disney's Half Comeback
Princess Mononoke Yawn
Producers ( The ) A musical? Really? Fuck no
Psycho Classic =/= Good
Pulp Fiction Yaaaaaaay
Punch Drunk Love What's going ooooon??
Punisher ( The ) Decent
Pursuit of Happiness ( The ) Aaaaaaaw
Quest ( The ) Funny nonsense
Rambo : First Blood Sweet movie
Rambo 2 Pure shooting
Rambo 3 Pow pow pow pow
Rambo 4 Rambo is still hardcore
Raw deal hahaha horrible
Red Dawn Guns were never so boring
Red Heat Ahhhhhnold
Red Sonja +1 cause of Arnold
Reno 9/11 : Miami Hell yeah, watch this
Requiem for a Dream Screw that
Reservoir Dogs Uuuuuh? Ok?
Roadhouse Roadhouse! ROADHOUSE
Robocop 1 Instant classic. Make more :,(
Robocop 2 Boring
Robocop 3 Completely ridiculous
Robin Hood: Men in Tights Tedious
Rock (The) Ridiculous, but awesome
The Rocker Teen movie? Nooo
Rocky 1 Amazing classic
Rocky 2 Still good
Rocky 3 Bleh. But. Mister T.
Rocky Balboa So nostalgic :,(
Rocky Horror Picture Show Beyond shit
Role Models LARPing awareness
Rookie of the Year Some kid movie
Royal Tenenbaums (The) Better than I thought
Run Fat Boy, Run Hank Azaria is a badass
Running Man ( The ) Completely retarded hahaha
Sandlot ( The ) Pretty good
Saving Private Ryan They did save him!
ScarFace If only for your culture
Scary Movie 4 Not that bad
Schindler's List Overhyped, but good
School of Rock Ooooh Jack
Scrooged 80s.... ...
Secret of NIHM (the) Confusing.. yes
Secret of NIMH 2 ( the ) Yawn
Semi Pro Retarded, as you'd expect
Seven Just gross
Shaolin Soccer Strange
Shaun of the Dead Quite awesome
Shawshank Redemption Stunningly awesome!
Shrek Damn you Mike Myers
Shrek 2 The good Shrek
Shrek 3 The bad Shrek
Sicko Michael Moore... haha
Sideways How to fuck up 101
Silence of the Lambs Why do people like this?
Simpsons: The Movie Meh, it's the Simpsons
Sin City Artsy fartsy
Sinbad: The Legend of the 7 seas Decent Disney ripoff
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Let me down :,(
Slap Shot Only good if french-dubbed
Slumdog Millionaire Yeah that would never happen
Smokey and the Bandit 1 Tard
Smokey and the Bandit 2 Mega-tard
Smokey and the Bandit 3 God, dies already
Snakes on the Plane Bad and boring
Space Jam haha why not?
Spaceballs Could have been way better
Spawn Whaaaaat the heeeeell
Speed Racer Man I love this one
Spider-Man Epic
Spider-Man2 Stil amazing
Spider-Man3 NO! >: (
Spinal Tap A little boring though
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimaron Some kid movie.
Spirited Away I love this
Star Trek 2 : The Wrath of Khan Khaaaaaan etc. etc.
Star Trek 6 Pfff whahaha ridiculous
Star Trek: First Contact All hail the Picard
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Shit on our memories
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Decent Action
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Things turn retarded
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Classic but a little boring
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackThe best movie ever made.
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of The Jedi Jabba + Emperor + Space Battle = Awesome
Star Wars Holiday Special OH MY GOD!!! AAAAARRRR!
StarGate Decent
Stargate: Continuum IF you like the show
Stargate: The Ark of Truth If yo live the show
StarShip Troopers Stylish movie
StarShip Troopers 2 Terrible
Sting ( The ) Good for an old crap
Stranger Than Fiction Wasn't that great
Street Fighter Wasted franchise much?
Striptease Lots of boobs
Sum of All Fears ( The ) Yes, we're aaaaaaall scared
Super Troopers Decent comedy
Superbad Haha McLovin'. Ooooooh
Superman Superman can't do that!
Superman Returns ( 2006) Waste
Superman2 Best vilains!
Superman3 Utter shit
Superman4 Nooooo
Superman: Doomsday If you like the cartoons
Super-Size me I learned things!!
Sword in the Stone (The) Stop signing ar fuck you
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Will Ferrel is neat
Taxi Driver Why do people like this?
Team America: World Police Beyond awesome
Teen Wolf Ignoble
Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny Some good moments
Terminator 1 Pretty classic
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Arnold at his best
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Still a great movie
Terminator: Salvation Meh
The Blair Witch Project Complete shit
The Fugitive Entertaining
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Epic, but ENDLESS
Thelma and Louise :,(
Time Cop Terrible use of time travel
Titanic Bloop bloop bloop bloop
TMNT movie 1 Yaaaaaay
TMNT movie 2 Stupider and better!
TMNT movie 3 Whaaaa? Stupid. Gimme Krang
Tootsie Wow, someone has a problem
Top Gun Gay, but RAD
Toy Story Original, 15 years ago
Toy Story 2 Such great movies
Toy Story 3 Promotes recycling!
Transformers ( 1986 ) Second best movie ever made
Transformers ( 2007 ) Terrible. Damn you Michael Bay
Tremors Hahaha stupid worms
Tron God this is boring
Tropic Thunder Very nice start
True Lies A true action movie
Truman Show ( The ) Epic indeed
Twister Why did they make this?
UHF Brain... hurt..angry
Ultimates ( The ) Pretty cool cartoon
Ultimates2 ( The) Lamer than the first
Unbreakable Good cast, at least
Unforgiven Yawn
UP! Awww.yawn
Usual Suspects ( The ) Good from what I recall
Vacation Oooooold
V for Vendetta Pass the pretentious sauce please
Vampire Hunter D nonsense
Vegas Vacation Funny stuff
Wall-E As good as Pixar Gets
War of the Worlds Edgy. Dumbass ending
War on Kids Calm down man, calm down
Watchmen Underwhelming as hell
Waterboy ( The ) Predictable. But hey.
Waterworld Hahaha come on, this rules
Wayne's World EXCELLENT
Wayne's World 2 Still excellent
Wedding Crashers Meh
Weird Science Well that chick's kinda hot
Wild Wild West Decent action.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory ( original) Welcome to crazyville
Wizard ( The ) Boring kid movie
Wrongfully Accused Not as funny anymore
X-Men Sweeeeeet
X-Men2 Good movie
X-Men3 So many special effects
XXX Very dumb, congrats
Yes Man Hhhyeeeeah...
You Can't Mess with the Zohan You Definately Can't
Youth in Revolt Michael Cera...die
Zach and Miri Make a Porno Cute
Zoolander Good for a couple laughs
Zombieland Yeah it's good enough

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