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So I went to San Francisco
So I went to San Francisco recently for the 2013 Flash Summit, where Abobo's Big Adventure was nominated for Best Action Game of the year. Spoiler: We didn't win. But it was funny because apparently everyone in the room thought we would win as our game got the biggest response when it was announced. SO WE WIN IN SPIRIT.

I'll give FGS one thing though: Awesome lunch and party. Open bar and free sliders? Man Mochi must be doing well! Sadly they didn't pay for plane tickets so I had to go to San Francisco for another reason, a MIGHTIER reason. THE YEAR OF LISTS:

San Francisco is one of the best places to eat all kinds of weird foods and to buy delicious candy not found in my native canada. I also biked and stuff. What's better than cycling every day so you burn all the calories you regain by eating tons of garbage and restaurant food? NOTHING. NOTHING IS BETTER. Museums are impossibly lame compared to this vacation. Boycott museums, except the bad art museum, which is the best museum of all time:

Well anyway, joing me on this adventure where I rub my vacation in your face to make it seem like my life is nonstop fun and excitement whereas your is just dreadful salve labor day-in day-out!


After arriving at my friend's place where I stayed for the week, we went to a nice local candy shop so I could stock up on delicious candy for my list.

The spoils.

Most importantly, I bought BACON WATER.

Just get a glass of water and add a tablet or two... Yes it's as gross as it sounds.

Also got a delicious Moon Pie for the list. God I love sugary crap.


On day two, I woke up early to go grab my rental bike so I could actually enjoy this vacation as opposed to just walking around with a thumb up my ass pretending I care about some old pile of garbage they keep in museums in the middle of a sea of overpriced restaurants

. Just getting off the train in downtown SF.

More pics of downtown SF. Did I mention how boring walking is?

Near the water, soon to be united with me precious bike. Everything close to the water is ultra touristy and expensive. Probably. Since I didn't buy anything there. HAH I BEAT THE SYSTEM.


Time to embark on a >50 mile bike ride! First, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

View from the bridge.
Across the bridge in Sausalito. I think that's where all the foodies and wine tasters live so it's best to cross the town with the windows rolled up before they beg you to try some fancy local cheese and tapas.
So that's where I went, to Muir Woods, home of some of the world's tallest Redwoods.

There's a lot of climbing on the way there, and nice views. Pussies abstain from doing this ride.

Once you're done climbing, you go all the way back down to the Muir Woods park. Sadly they are dicks and do not let people on bikes go in. I see how it is, you let kids touch all the trees with their grubby little monkey paws but decent law-abiding eco-friendly cyclists have to leave their bikes locked outside in the middle of nowhere and walk around the park with cleated shoes? You suck, Muir Woods. I'll keep my 7 bucks then.

On the way back, view of the bridge.

Alcatraz. As far as I'm concerned, I have enjoyed all that it's possible to enjoy about it just by taking that picture. AND IT WAS FREEEE!

The worst picture ever taken of Lombard Street. I passed right through the middle of SF on my way back to the train station. Let me tell ya... them some hills.

Then I just got back to my friend's place to rest up and eat candy. Holy fuck what an awesome vacation.

Back home, we went to a local grocery store full of weird things. Again the list progressed...

Umeboshi... japanese salted plums. No joke, JUST ONE OF THESE accounts for 20% of your daily sodium intake. If you happen to know anyone with high blood pressure, you now know how to murder them without suspicion.

Also got some urchin! Yep those are delicious seafood gonads.

Yum! Sea! Penis! It's actually pretty good. But not better than a Big Mac, which is suspiciously not on the list.

That night was Mexican food time. Got to have a fish taco.

Also Chile Relleno. Again congratulations, list guy, on finding totally random nonsensical shit to put on there! This is basically a grilled bell pepper filled with cheese. OKAY THEN. In no way is this unique, delicious or exotic unlike, say, a nice pile of chiken wings. Now that's good eatin'


Today was the day of the convention. I woke up at 6am just so I could get some cycling done! That's DEDICATION.

The crack o' dawn.

That's ok, I only need to number1. HA

That morning ride just took me on a nice winding 1000 foot climb to the top of some local peak. Nice view. Pretty cold.

Those are nice views of Berkeley in the morning, far away from all the hipsters and the hobos. AH SWEET RELIEF.

There's this giant log at the top of the mountain. Woo.

If you keep going a little further, there's some part. WITH STEAM TRAINS WOW!! Awe fuck it was too early.

There's a bunch of wild turkeys in them woods.

Then at night it was time to eat moar foods. Steak Tartare! It's pretty good stuff I suppose. As with all this food, it's mostly good in that you think it's going to be way worse than it really is.


After having rested the day of the convention, it was time to set out to Mount Diablo, the highest peak in the area at 3800 feet of elevation. It was supposed to be a nice 80mile loop but I kind of got lost a little, adding like 15 miles. Well whatever!

To get to the mountain, I had to cross some other mountains first near Berkeley. Look at these nice houses. I have no clue who lives up here but I know they make too much money.

Sweet views though!

Almost 40 miles later... the entrance to the mountain.

Da beast. Doesn't look too bad from down there.

They put a sign at every 1000 feet of elevation! How thoughtful!

That was way longer than this slideshow makes it seem! Weee!

Look at this sweet pinecone I found!

Only 800 feet of climbing left...

At the top. There I spared you the entire trip! Now you can acquire this ancient knowledge as well.

Some nice views. They say you can see further from this mountaintop than from any other mountain in the world. I think it's either bullshit or there's really nothing worth seeing from the top of mountains.

Later that night, we hung out with from friends who attended GDC. I'm not even telling you what that is. HAH. That's the best picture my camera can take at night. Pretty sad. That's the Bay Bridge. Now you don't need to visit this.

We ate at some chinese restaurant where I got to try Abalone! It was quite lame.


With my legs nicely smashed from the previous day, I just sat around and did mostly nothing all day long. MOSTLY nothing. First, we cooked

Snake meat! Bet you never ate THAT!

Ok it's fucking gross. Seriously, no one should eat python meat.

Then, we ate some alligator! Pan-fried in beer batter. Awe yeah.

Was actually decent. Tasted like pork. Weird right? I recommend you just eat pork.

After that I decided to go run some errands. Visit a gardening center. Why not.


Look at all the sweet fruits they can grow in California.. oranges, avocadoes, mandarins.. grapefruits. All we have in Canada are apples and berries. Mostly apples. So many apples. Endless legions of fucking apples.

> I should get some carnivorous plants. They're cute. That's a kind of plant I'd enjoy, it could eat all the flies that constantly buzz around my head.

Afterwards I biked to the Berkeley marina. Nice and windy.

Nice recovery ride. Good times.

I slept well that night.

On my last day there, I mostly relaxed and did the same morning ride up the local mountain.

Though this time I did fuel up with a delicious Hostess fruit pie. This fucking thing is SO SUGARY. 440 calories. No one should ever eat this.

View from outside the airplane flying over LA at night. Well that's pointless!

Ok, sorry for subjecting people to this. Sometimes it's important to write about the things you do so you can remember them years later. Maybe it's just me but I wouldn't remember jack shit about any of my vacations otherwise.

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