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10 Least Desirable Women 2010
So I recently heard about's 10 least desirable women of 2011. Of course it has all the hallmarks of a turd it's arranged in a slide show on a page full of ads and it's about 2010, not 2011. And the women? Oh, only a bunch of horrible creatures who regularly appear on the covers of fashion magazines and have millions of dollars. Yeah who'd want that? Did you see her on that show that one time? What a bitch!

So instead of doing a "Top 10 shittiest lists of 2011" as an excuse to put theirs on top, I've compiled my own list of least desirable women. And it's for 2010, because unlike the dipshits who work for, I can read calendars.

10.Donna Simpson

This beef monster is eating her way into the Guiness Book of Records 10 hamburgers at a time. Stuffing her face is actually her job as dudes pay to watch her inhale fast food on webcam. But wait, doesn't that mean some people desire her? Yes, in the same way that you are sexually attracted to a tiger shark biting into a tuna during Shark Week. If you're not enticed enough by her ocean of lard, you may like to know she already has kids and a 150 pound "fat admirer" husband who's role in life is basically the same as the dudes who shoveled coal into the Titanic's furnace.

Donna, you are a terrible creature and a great argument for eugenics. May your children be scared into anorexia by your inevitable early death and embarrassing funeral involving a crane and a quarry.

9.Maria Olivia da Silva

Possibly the world's oldest woman...great...

Hmmm how tempting! I can't decide what's more desirable: the fact that she's one hug away from breaking in half or one birthday away from dying...Man what a bummer! It's not even funny! Why am I even writing about this? Because I'm terrible, that's why. Though they say she's still very lucid and had a great memory. For a 130 year old Brazillian woman. You might think it would be interesting to have stories from someone who was 20 when 1900 rolled around but it's probably mainly stories about toilets in the ground and root vegetables.

Oh, and she died in 2010 with her actual age never verified so she can still make the list...yeah.

8.Jocelyn Wildenstein

If you haven't heard of her by now, you've probably not been on the internet for very long. She was a very attractive woman who lost her man and then went to get some insane plastic surgery so she'd look like a lion because the guy she wanted to be with apparently had a thing for giant felines. Wow! Insane, aging, desperate and voluntarily ugly... where do I sign up to get on this magic carpet ride?

7.Jyoti Amge

World's tiniest woman...

Wow, ok, that's just..insane. She's just 14, so I guess not technically a woman... in the modern world...but she won't grow any taller and they don't make breast implants that small, not that it would make much of a difference. What a life of bliss you both would live! She has to have everything custom-made and is constantly being hassled by the media and bogus holy men. Whoopee. Though she might get knocked off the list in a couple years if she actually makes it as a Bollywood actress and one day perhaps Mini-Me's Mini-me.

6.Jazz Ison Sinkfield

24: The lenght of her nails and her IQ.

If being a dumbass was a profession, she'd be rich enough to buy out Google with enough left over to acquire all the gold on earth to melt it into a giant statue of Oprah's fat ass. She thinks growing fingernails is a talent. "It's something that not everyone can do". Yes that's something a human being actually managed to say with a straight face.The scariest thing about this video is seeing her drive a car. If she can get a license I'm pretty sure I'm one road trip away from being rammed by a dog in a Lexus. She spends 250$ a week on manicures for her monstrous growths and can't do simple tasks like wiping her ass or tying her shoes. Yep, line up guys! Enjoy a lifetime of wiping this idiot's ass because she wants to meet a tv star.

6.Marguerite Perrin

AKA The God Warrior

Jeez, what's not to love? Enough lard to feed a family of grizzly bears for a decade, as many teeth as years of schooling bellow her belt, a psycho-bitch temper and she's a fundamentalist Christian! Of course, this creature has somehow found a way to have kids to propagate her Morlock genes in a clear creationist attempt at reversing evolution...Damn it, Bible Belt, you don't have to go for this nonsense if you're horny, you can become priests and have all the little boy ass you can grab!

Anyway, this butter troll became internet famous when she appeared on an episode of Trading Spouses back in 2006, where she made it very clear that she did NOT approve of hippies. Normally that's a turn-on, except in the case where you try to substitute Hippism with something far stupider. At the end of the show, she rips up a 50k check because she doesn't want any sinner money or whatever bullshit. Of course she later changed her mind and took the cash to pay for gastric bypass surgery. Wow, I would never have guessed she had no self-discipline or sense of morals. Though you could make the argument that she's onto something with Christianity, because if miracles are bullshit, I don't see how any man could penetrate deep enough into her fat rolls to get her pregnant.

5.Sylvia Browne

She was never a looker but age did not treat her kindly, despite all the money she's fleeced off idiots over the decades she's spent as a psychic. She hasn't changed her fashion style since the 70s. Sadly, the same cannot be said about her weight. But on a brigther note, she did maintain her chain-smoking for all this time, giving her a nice deep Darth Vader voice. Of course the worst thing about her is who she is and what she stands for. Her job is basically to take money from stupid and vulnerable people to lie to them. She's even told a couple that their missing son was dead. When he was found later on, they were sort of pissed. Sadly they didn't read the fine print of her phone service where she reminds everyone that not all of her predictions are accurate. What a bitch.

4.Some Cat Lady

There always has to be a crazy cat lady..somewhere... She taught hers to eat food with utensils. It took her MONTHS to achieve this. Great. Of course the crazy cake wouldn't be complete without many layers of thick, creamy nutbar frosting. Did you know that her cat's dream is to meet Tiger Woods? Amazing! And you'll want to stick around for the "This is the Way we Wash our Paw" song that takes place before every meal as she dips the animal's paws into a little bowl to clean them. And she's somehow achieved the feat of teaching her pet, who normally would live on a diet of garbage and raw mice, to eat the most expensive cat food. AMAZING! You can see the glimmer of insanity in her eyes every time she speaks... Oh yeah and she's fugly, congrats.

And I'd like to give a special mention to the 136 cats lady too..

3.Women Bodybuilders...

Especially that one... One of the things that make women attractive is that they don't look like men. We can tolerate a good amount of muscle on a girl, even a 6 pack, but when your hairline starts receding and your jaw looks strong enough to break Mike Tyson's hands, it's time to stop. Bear in mind that this picture is from a photoshoot. That's as GOOD as it gets.

2.Genene Jones

Baby murdering attention whore...

Well, this quote says it all: "Genene Anne Jones (born July 13, 1950) is a former pediatric nurse who killed somewhere between 11 and 46 infants and children in her care. She used injections of digoxin, heparin and later succinylcholine to induce medical crises in her patients, with the intention of reviving them afterward in order to receive praise and attention." And she turned 60 last year, so happy wet dreams guys.

1.Crazy Hobo Lady

Huuuuuuuuuuuuum okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.....


Now that's a real list. They should hire me.

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